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Starting Out

As part of our initial visit with a senior in need, we establish a relational connection, building trust is important to us. We talk about activities of daily living, mobility and risks they feel might be in the home environment, looking for potential threats to environmental and mental well being.



Doctors, drivers, painters, oh my! We have built a database of resources available for seniors at no cost and, if desired, we can suggest various resources to match the needs assessment and be the point of contact for every step of the way. We encompass a broad range of services to meet every need such as local Senior Care services, help with Medicare forms, Medical Supplies and Home Services. While we're at it, we can even provide safety tips and training opportunities for family members and friends who might be caring for the elderly long term.


We Are Here For You

If you or your family member is in need, don't hesitate to call us today! We are here for you! If you are browsing our site because you would like to get involved, we have many fulfilling opportunities for  Churches, businesses, schools, families and individuals to volunteer your time and talents from visiting with the elderly to running errands, cleaning up yards, building wheelchair ramps and even volunteering in the office. There are plenty of opportunities! We ask our volunteers to fill out a form first.

Local Resources To Contact

The resources listed above are available to seniors and their families within our community.  The links in these documents are provided as a courtesy to our visitors. These websites are external to Senior Care and we cannot assume responsibility for their content or accessibility. Inclusion of these links does not constitute an endorsement of their web sites. The is not a comprehensive list. Thank you! 

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Free Elder Care

Our volunteers are willing to help carry groceries, run errands, give rides, provide companion care, help make phone calls, write letters and read, help clean and cook etc. We also organize larger projects such as yard clean-up, fence and wheelchair ramp building or house repairs. Contact us and we will match you with the help you need! 

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